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Finding the right property in Far North Queensland’s tropical landscape can be fraught with hidden issues, from structural faults to unexpected pest invasions.

Without a professional inspection, these hidden issues can turn your dream home into a costly nightmare, impacting your wallet and peace of mind.

Priority Building Inspections Cairns offers clarity and assurance with our comprehensive building and pest inspection services.

We specialise in navigating the unique challenges of FNQ’s environment, providing you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Imagine moving into your new home with absolute confidence, knowing every nook and cranny has been meticulously inspected for your safety and investment protection.

Our detailed, image-rich reports and personalised walkthroughs empower you with knowledge, transforming uncertainty into confidence.

We invite you to experience the difference with Priority Building Inspections Cairns. With same-day quotes and reports, Luke and the team are ready to ensure your property meets the highest standards.

Our services are not just thorough; they are crafted with your peace of mind at the forefront.

Don’t leave your property investment to chance. Click below for your free, no-obligation quote today and take the first step towards securing peace of mind with your property purchase in Cairns.

We’re your partners in making informed, confident decisions about your property journey.


Priority Building Inspections Cairns is a locally owned business servicing Far North Queensland.

We’re dedicated to providing peace of mind and transparency when purchasing or selling your home. We’re passionate about educating our clients and enabling them with complete confidence when it comes to your property.

We offer same-day quotes and same-day reports.

Confidence in property is our priority.

Our Cairns building inspection services

At Priority Building Inspections Cairns, we elevate the standard of property inspections with our comprehensive services, designed specifically for the unique challenges of FNQ’s tropical environment.

Pre-sale building & pest inspections

Maximise your sale potential with our expert pre-sale inspections, detailing your property's condition to facilitate honest transactions.

Pre-purchase building & pest inspections

Invest with assurance after our thorough pre-purchase inspections that cover all structural and pest aspects, aiding your negotiation leverage.

New build/pre-settlement inspections

Enter your new home with confidence; our thorough inspections pinpoint any issues for resolution, assuring the highest quality before you settle in.

Maintenance schedules

Protect and enhance your property's longevity with our maintenance schedules, tailored to address both immediate and future care.

Our services are delivered with a commitment to excellence and a personal touch, ensuring you feel fully supported, confident and well-equipped to navigate the unique environment of Cairns on your property journey.

Why people choose us for building inspections in Cairns

Luke and the team are thorough and passionate advocates for property integrity. They provide detailed, image-rich reports and personal walkthroughs to ensure you fully understand your property’s condition. Our transparent approach and prompt, friendly service make your inspection experience seamless.

We pride ourselves on ensuring your property journey is informed and genuinely supported.

Report guidance

We streamline complex terms into clear language, ensuring you fully understand your report. Luke's team ensures you understand every finding with, plain-language and guidance.

Responsive service

Reach out for a free, no-obligation cost assessment, and receive your quote on the same day. Once we've conducted your inspection, we ensure you get the report on that same day too.

Negotiating power

Our inspections give you essential insights into a property. Understanding the condition of the property strengthens your negotiation and supports informed decision-making.

Inspection assurances

Our thorough inspections cover all accessible areas from roof to subfloor, ensuring a comprehensive review of your property for peace of mind in your investment.

Post-inspection support

Our service extends beyond detailed reports. We provide insights to help you understand the findings and advice to address any concerns, ensuring a clear path forward post inspection.

Servicing FNQ

We bring expert insights into Cairns' local property challenges. We understand the nuances of moisture, pest activity, and weather impact specific to the FNQ region.

Ready to ensure your property meets the highest standards? Click below to get your free, no-obligation quote today and take the first step towards peace of mind with your property investment.

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Common concerns & FAQs

We address your most pressing questions with clear, expert guidance to help you make informed decisions about your property inspections.

How long does a typical property inspection take?

A typical property inspection in Cairns usually takes around 2 hours, but this can vary depending on the size of the property and any additional structures like sheds or granny flats. If possible, Luke aims to walk through the property with you afterwards to discuss any findings directly, ensuring you fully understand any issues we may uncover.

If the inspection report highlights issues, We’ll guide you through understanding their severity and discuss your options. For any problems found, we can suggest skilled local tradespeople to provide repair quotes, which you can then use for negotiating the purchase price.

In the case of selling your property, addressing these issues beforehand not only smoothens the sale process but also maintains transparency with potential buyers, potentially avoiding further negotiations.

Yes, our standard inspection reports include both building and pest assessments unless specified otherwise.

As a licensed building and timber pest inspector, Luke will ensure a comprehensive evaluation covering both aspects to give you a complete overview of the property’s condition.

You’ll receive the inspection report on the same day as the inspection, ensuring you have the information you need promptly.

It’s recommended but not necessary for clients to be present during inspections.

The reports are detailed, including photos and comments on any defects. For clients, especially those interstate who haven’t seen the property, Luke will offer to use FaceTime. This helps them visualise what I’m describing, making the report easier to understand.

The cost of a building and pest inspection in Cairns varies based on several factors, such as the property’s size, whether it has a subfloor, retaining walls, additions like pools, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Pricing starts at $290 for units and $490 for houses.

Yes, Luke will check every aspect of the property as If his family were to purchase it.

This means inspecting windows, doors, lights, fans, air-conditioners, ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, garage doors, gates, fences, all external walls, retaining walls, the roof, all internal surfaces and the roof space.

Not all inspectors will do this or even get on the roof and in roof spaces, which is incredibly important for living in FNQ.

In Queensland, a qualified building inspector must hold a current QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) license and be fully insured to conduct building inspections.

Luke is a qualified cabinet maker, carpenter and builder, and his QBCC license number is 15018514.

A building certifier is engaged if any approvals are required for example patio extensions, sheds, granny flats, pools etc.

A building and timber pest inspector inspects the property for any potential defects, safety hazards, timber-destroying pests, conditions conducive to structural damage and any additional aspects of the property, such as easement drains, sewer access pits, site drainage and any potential future maintenance needed.

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