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Welcome to Priority Building Inspections, based in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Led by Luke Struber, our business is built on extensive experience and a solid background in construction and building inspection. 

Growing up in an environment where quality workmanship and detailed inspections were daily topics, I developed an eye for detail and a passion for protecting families from the pitfalls of inadequate property assessments. These lessons, imparted by my father—a respected builder and inspector in Cairns—have shaped our mission: to ensure every family makes a secure and informed investment in their future home.

For us, this business is about delivering a service that stands out for its dedication to quality and a thorough approach to each inspection.

Our commitment to you

Our commitment to you is rooted in transparency and honest advice to enable confidence in your property decisions. Our client-centric approach ensures accessibility, approachability, and dedication to your satisfaction.

As a local, family-run business, we offer a personal touch and understanding that large franchises can’t match.

Why people trust us for Building inspections in Cairns

Our expertise

With over twenty years in the construction industry, Luke combines his qualifications in cabinet making, carpentry, and building with a sharp eye for detail and deep construction knowledge, ensuring our clients receive reliable, insightful evaluations.

Our qualifications

Our credentials, include a 'Builder—low rise' license, QBCC License (No. 15018514), and Trade Contractor Licences in Cabinet Making and Carpentry, highlight our credibility and commitment to precision and reliability in every inspection.

Our assurances

In QLD, mandatory full insurance for inspectors is a baseline we surpass to ensure maximum security and peace of mind for our clients. Our wealth of experience, reinforced by our QBCC license and thorough insurance coverage, makes us your reliable partner in property inspections.

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